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At Burning Desire Installations Ltd we have a wide variety of fireplace products available. Just tell us the type of fireplace you desire, and we will work on providing you with the most suitable one. We have different products available such as fireplace inserts, surrounds & stoves.and other types of accessories. All of our products are outstanding, and you will love them. Our staff can give you the details on all of the products we offer. Give us a call on +447759757398.

Our showrooms

Our showrooms display the products on offer: mantels, stoves and fireplaces, as well as antique fireplaces. It showcases the different materials used to build the fireplace such as marble, limestone and wood. You will see the different types of baskets used in the fireplace. Prior to your stopping by, visiting our website is a good idea. What you see on the website is also in our warehouse. If it isn't there and you wish is to build it, we can do that too.

Our Fireplaces

We can provide different kinds of fireplaces depending on your preference and type of installation. If you want a traditional fireplace, we have that available, but we can also give you a more modern version like the easy to use firework insert option, which comes with a fire switch. All of our products are high quality and guaranteed with a manufacturer's warranty. We can also provide you with extensive details on the use and maintenance of products.


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